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Masha and the Bear

We offer balloons from the popular fairy tale "Masha and the Bear". Here you will find cute colorful decorations ready to be inflated with helium. Each of them is made of high-quality foil, which is why it keeps its shape for a long time after filling. Precise printing makes the decorations very effective. If your child loves Masha and her friend the Bear, choose decorations for him with this fairy-tale theme. Our balloon store has also collected for you models of rubber balloons with uniform colors that will perfectly match the patterned foil decoration. Burgundy, pink and brown colors are waiting for you here - shades that perfectly match the cartoon characters. When buying in our store, you can be sure that you focus on excellent quality and choose a competitive price. To make it easier for you to create a birthday room decoration, we have included an electric pump in the assortment, which will allow you to inflate the decorations safely and quickly. We invite for shopping!

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Balon lateksowy 12".

Balon foliowy, do napełniania helem.

Balon foliowy 14" do napełniania powietrzem. 

Out of stock

Balon 18" do napełniania helem.


Balon 24" do napełniania helem.

10" (25 cm) lateksowe w głębokim, pastelowym odcieniu ciemnego różu - 100 szt.

10" (25 cm) balony lateksowe w niezwykle uroczym odcieniu pastelowego różu - 100 szt.

10" (25cm) lateksowe balony w kolorze bordowym - 100 szt.

10" (25 cm) lateksowe balony w nietypowym odcieniu brązu - 100 szt.


Balon foliowy 24" do napełniania helem. 

Balon foliowy 24" do napełniania helem. 

Balon foliowy 18" do napełnienia helem. 

Balon foliowy 18" do napełniania helem. 

Out of stock