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Latex balloons

The most common type of balloons are latex balloons. They can be inflated with a pump. By choosing products in the right colors and shapes in the store, you will create wonderful decorations that will add splendor to every party.

Our balloon shop has prepared a wide range of latex rubber items for you, designed for many occasions. The offer includes models suitable for birthday parties - for children and adults, weddings, Halloween or bachelor parties, in many shapes and colors, decorated with glitter or multi-colored prints. If you are planning a larger party and use a large amount of decorations, then check out our electric pumps that will inflate all your purchased balloons in no time!

Subcategories: Pastel 10" latex balloons, Metalic 10" latex balloons, Pastel 12" latex balloons, Metalic 12" latex balloons, Balloons for modeling, Latex baloons with numbers, Latex baloons price bargain, Latex baloons shapes, Latex baloons with confetti, Water baloons, Latex baloons - sets

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