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We offer accessories and balloons with motifs from the fairy tale "Blaze and the Mega Machines". In this category you will find effective decorations and practical details that will allow you to throw an unforgettable party for your child. Among the products, there are napkins, cups, plates and even fairy-tale invitations waiting for you. As a professional balloon shop, we also offer decorations for inflating, using a pump, with various patterns and colors. We focus on durable materials, beautiful colors and durable prints. When buying from us, you choose carefully made decorations with heroes from your favorite children's fairy tales. If your child loves cars - check out our monster truck, perfect for filling with helium. We have also placed other decorations here, thanks to which you will create an effective setting for a birthday or name day. We also offer products from other popular cartoons, such as "Frozen" or "Dora the Explorer". Also check the pumps available in our store and choose the equipment that will make inflating rubber decorations safe. We invite for shopping!

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Balon lateksowy 12".

Balon foliowy 18", satynowy, do napełnienia helem.

Balon foliowy 18", do napełnienia helem.

Balon foliowy 18", do napełniania helem.

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10" (25 cm) balony lateksowe w głębokim odcieniu granatu - 100 szt.

10" (25 cm) lateksowe balony w ciekawym odcieniu czerwieni - 100 szt.

10" (25 cm) lateksowe balony w kolorze czarnym - 100 szt.

Balon foliowy 18", do napełniania helem.

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