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Balloons and sets with Barbie

One of the most popular toys for young children is the Barbie doll, which has gone through numerous versions over the decades. This iconic product is especially liked by girls, most of whom have at least one model at home. In our online store you will find beautiful balloons with this doll, as well as many other accessories related to it. We have prepared a large assortment with balloons depicting the silhouette of Barbie, made of a special foil that you can fill with helium, so that the inflated product floats up. The store also offers many accessories with this theme, which will be perfect for a birthday party for a girl. Here you can buy a wonderful sash with the inscription "Happy Birthday", as well as accessories to decorate the table - a tablecloth, a set of plates and cups.
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Balon lateksowy 12".

Balon lateksowy 12".

Balon foliowy 18", do napełniania helem.

Balon foliowy 24", do napełniania helem.

Out of stock

Balon foliowy, do napełniania helem.

10" (25 cm) lateksowe w głębokim, pastelowym odcieniu ciemnego różu - 100 szt.

10" (25 cm) balony lateksowe w niezwykle uroczym odcieniu pastelowego różu - 100 szt.

10" (25 cm) balony pastelowe miks kolorów - 100 szt.

10" (25 cm) balony lateksowe w pastelowym, łososiowym różu - 100 szt.

 10" (25 cm) balony lateksowe w kolorze kremowym - 100 szt.

10" (25cm) lateksowe balony w kolorze bordowym - 100 szt.

Balon foliowy 24", do napełniania helem. Balon z folii transparentnej. 

Out of stock

Balon foliowy 24", do napełnienia helem. Balon z folii transparentnej.

Balon foliowy 18", do napełniania helem. 

Out of stock